About Us


SportscarGlobal is not a traditional media agency nor ‘news’ site, rather a hybrid internet publisher with great ties to both teams and series. Our own team has many years experience in journalism, photography, technology and as racers ourselves and importantly, we are all racing fans first so we bring a very different fan-based outlook to the racing world.

Our ethos gives us an edge – not constantly chasing breaking news but concentrating on what we know, and the fans tell us, they want to see – working with selected partners allows us to deliver dynamic, measurable fan-centric content directly to your desktop or mobile devices.

In the latter parts of 2020 the global Covid-19 pandemic had sadly put us in a financially insecure position, our operating model always having been to avoid advertising wherever possible and relying upon partnerships and sponsorship to provide our service. Marc stepped into the fire during the dying embers of 2020 to provide a stable financial backing for the next 12 months and, pandemic dependant, well into the future. Sportscarglobal’s presence during 2021 will be entirely due to Marc’s gift. 

NickHollandPic_SportsCarGlobal_2016Nick is based in the UK and is our Sportscar Editor specialising in WEC, ELMS and British GT. He’s also somewhat of a statistician and provides us with some interesting insights into racing tactics.

Additionally, Nick is sportscarglobal’s Le Mans legend having attended his first race in 1974 and he has not missed a race sine 1986! You can follow Nick’s tweets via @nh247 on Twitter.


Carl is SportscarGlobal’s Technical & Features Editor as well as our Chief Technology Officer.  A keen go-kart racer Carl is the current “ SportscarGlobal Le Mans Karting Champion” and holds onto his title with a fierce grip.

He is also a keen runner, and can usually be seen during Le Mans week running the circuit, often with some of the drivers.


Ian M also joined SportscarGlobal in 2017 as a photographer. As with all of the team, Ian is a true petrol-head and has been attending race meetings for the last 30 years with 20 of those following sports cars. 

Over the past four years Ian has also been supplying images to PSP images where he covered the FIA WEC, British GT, and other GT races. In 2019, Ian will be focussing his lens on Blancpain GT for us.


Olly is SportscarGlobal’s resident rocket scientist. Full time, he’s currently working for the Mercedes F1 team and studying towards a Masters Degree in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering, but in those rare occasions he is not buried up to his eyes in equations you’ll often find him wielding a camera trackside or free-climbing a crazy-high rock-face.

He also speaks accent-less, fluent French & English so we roll him out for all our French-language interviews in the ELMS and WEC..