#30, DUQUEINE TEAM - FRA, ORECA 07 - GIBSON, Jonathan HIRSCHI, Konstantin TERESCHENKO, Tristan GOMMENDY 2020 FIA World Endurance Championship Season 8 Round 7 24h Le Mans, Le Mans, France. Photo © John D Stevens..

With the dawn of the new Le Mans Hypercar category some further changes to the power outputs of the LMP2 cars were required to ensure that the performance windows of the lower category cars, as well as their speed profiles, remain consistent and below that of the Hypercars at all circuits and in all weather conditions.

To achieve this goal the ACO and the FIA WEC technical committee have mandated that the GK428 engine from Gibson, exclusive to the LMP2 category, will be ‘downrated’ to deliver 400kW instead of the previous limit of 450kW. Furthermore, mirroring the Hypercar category, a single aero kit has been made mandatory across the whole season and will be limited to the Le Mans specification.

The minimum weight of the cars has also been increased by 20kg and has been set at 950kg.

As announced last year, the initial plan was to reposition the performance window by adopting the 2021 Goodyear tyre specification and reducing the maximum engine power by 30kW. Following the initial testing phase and consultation with both Goodyear and the teams, the committee has decided that retaining the previously used compounds is the most suitable option, given their proven and consistent performance in all conditions as well as their drivability.

Both the ACO and the WEC believe that the lower power limit will contribute to lower running costs by extending lifespan of different components. The new level of performance will be introduced in all competitions (FIA World Endurance Championship, European Le Mans Series, Asian Le Mans Series) where LMP2 cars eligible to compete in the 2021 24 Hours of Le Mans are in use.