Image credit: Porsche.

Austria’s Clemens Schmid is one of the newcomers in the Bentley Team HTP. The 24-year-old student has already sound motorsport experience after several years in the Porsche Cup scene.

As part of HTP Motorsport’s newly formed “Bentley Junior Team”, there are new challenges ahead for him. In the past four years, Schmid raced successfully Porsches and won the Porsche Middle East championship during the 2012/13 winter season. Now he steps up to GT3 racing with the Bentley Team HTP and the Bentley Continental GT3. “I believe in the program Bentley has created around the Continental GT3 and I’m convinced the junior program of HTP Motorsport offers excellent opportunities for the future”, Schmid says. Beside the two German racers Fabian Hamprecht and Luca Stolz, Schmid is part of HTP´s Junior Team, which will compete in the wide racing program of HTP Motorsport this season, which includes the ADAC GT Masters, the Blancpain GT Series and the 24 hours of the Nürburgring.

Earlier this year, Schmid tested the Bentley for the first time and the car made a lasting impression. “The first test was a great experience, I was really thrilled“, he describes. “Even if the Bentley is still a new car, it’s already well developed and easier to drive then I expected.“ The fact that the driver sits on the “wrong side” – for a driver from Austria – the right-hand drive couldn’t bother him. “Luckily I knew before that the Bentley is a right-hand driven car, so didn’t try to enter it at the passenger side. I quickly adapted to this within three or four laps and then it didn’t make any difference. Indeed, the car feels very compact on the track.“

Schmid was also impressed by the way the team worked. “HTP Motorsport is a very professional team and operates on a very high level, as a driver you could fell this from the first minute on. During the season, I also hope that I can contribute my own know-how to the team.“

In which championships Schmid will race in his debut season with the Bentley Team HTP will be decided shortly. “I would like to drive the car in the 24 hour races at the Nürburgring and Spa would also like to compete in the ADAC GT Masters. I’m very excited about my program, which we will decide in the next couple of days. Wherever I will compete with the Bentley Team HTP, my goal I clear: I want to win races with the Bentley Continental GT3.“