Image credit: Onroak Automotive

This Monday and Tuesday the Ligier JS P3’s development programme moved to Spain’s Motorland Aragon circuit with Nissan works driver Olivier Pla at the wheel of the new prototype.

The Ligier JS P3, powered by the Nissan engine and shod with the Michelin tyres homologated by the ACO, set its fastest lap in 1m 32.28sec on the 4,926-km circuit used by the team, compared to 1m 29.1sec for the Ligier JS P2-Nissan, which was testing the same day.

Special attention has been paid to the requirements of the ‘Gentlemen Drivers’ with optimised cockpit ventilation, power steering, a large bucket seat, and a reclined seating position making the G forces easier to absorb. The lack of traction control gives an exceptional feeling of the car’s reactions so the driver is able to master it better helped, in particular, by the aerodynamic package. The car has steel discs (unlike the carbon discs used in LM P2), and the team noticed no problems with brake fade.

“We covered more than 700 kms and we didn’t run into any problems.” said development driver Pla. “We did a lot of work on optimising the balance to be in a position to supply future clients with the maximum amount of data to help them get the best out of the car.”


“We’re back from Motorland and I’m very proud of the work done by all our teams, those in the design office and those who have built the car and are running it today.” said Jacques Nicolet, Onroak Automotive President. “It was great to see Olivier Pla again with whom we’ve shared so many years of work and complicity. Today, he’s a Nissan works driver and he has returned to us to develop the Ligier JS P3-Nissan. He’s an exceptional test driver and an excellent technician. At this stage of the project his work and his feedback to the engineers are crucial.

“I also did a few laps in our new LM P3. The car’s very easy to drive and I really enjoyed myself.”

The JS P3 is expected to be homologated in time to make its racing debut in the opening round of the Asian Le Mans Series at Fuji on 10th October.