Jacques Nicolet, President of Onroak automotive and Sebastien Metz, director of their production facility this evening launched their new LMP2 car, the Ligier JS P217, in front of what seemed like every team and member of the ELMS paddock.

Arriving at Spa just a few hours earlier, the car was fresh from three days/nights of testing at France’s Magny Cours circuit under the guidance of Olivier Pla, Pipo Derani and Julien Canal. With Pla already driving Khrone Racing’s current JS P2 in the ELMS and ESM (with whom Derani is currently driving in the WEC) having announced an order for the JS P217 in DPI format for IMSA the ability to test pre-release is gives huge benefit to both Onroak and the teams prior to the 2017 season.

“We’re very satisfied with the first shakedowns on the Magny-Cours circuit, and we’re going to continue working in the coming weeks to give the teams full satisfaction.” said Le Mans site Director Metz.

The team made a point to stress that testing to date had been carried out in conjunction with all of the current series tyre suppliers, Michelin, Dunlop and Continental. Onroak will now continue to test at other tracks around European before embarking on a North American test program later this year.

No surprise to see Tracy Khrone giving the JS P217 some serious attention.
No surprise to see Tracy Khrone giving the JS P217 some serious attention.

The new car features significant changes to the front and rear bodywork/aero (in line with the 2017 rules), with new lights and has a noticeably lower rear section. In the ACO sanctioned series the car will run with the new Gibson engine producing some 100bhp more than current LMP2 engines while in IMSA DPI guide the first announced sale to ESM will use a Nissan V8 and certain customised bodywork sections.

The JS P217 is currently eligible for all ACO sanctioned series (WEC, ELMS, AsLMS) and IMSAs Weather Tech Series from 2017.