With testing underway on Spain’s 2.7 mile Circuito de Jerez we thought it would be a good time to post the teams latest car designs and liveries for you all to see.

With some teams making minor changes with their liveries due to sponsorship, other teams have totally redesigned theirs, lets start with the first team in the picture

  • Mercedes: Have made very  few changes and are essentially the same as last year.
  • Williams: Again very few changes except for the addition of some new minor sponsors
  • Ferrari: Very few changes, minimal redesign of the black parts of the car & sponsors
  • McLaren: Currently looking very similar to last year’s car with the exception of a Honda red dimmed nose, however we have been told by Ron Dennis that the livery is likely to change. Loss of Hugo Boss as sponsor.
  • Force India: Have made a change with the colour scheme by toning back the orange side pods in favor for silver ones and the orange is reduced to a new flash running from the rear down the nose
  • Lotus: Are Sticking with their black and gold colour scheme again this year, there is less red on the car (which used to have red side pods) with the red this restricted to the rear view mirrors and spoiler edging
  • Sauber: A radical change of colour scheme for Sauber this season, going from a predominantly black colour scheme to a blue & yellow Chelsea-esque scheme with the body being blue and the sidepods having a splash of yellow in lines with their new bank sponsor
  • Redbull: Currently running a black & white camoflague livery, this is expected to change for the Melbourne opener in March
  • Torro-Rosso: Again similar to last years with the exception of sponsor placement.
Current 2015 Jerez Liveries
Current 2015 Jerez Liveries

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