Be Different by JDS

Image credit: JDS

Welcome to SportsCarGlobal and thanks for dropping by, but what makes us different from the ‘crowd’, why should you keep reading and come back again? 

Here at SportsCarGlobal (SCG) we have a relaxed, fan-based culture to motor racing and in particular sports cars. Our team is formed only of people with a passion for motorsport, we have nobody working for or with us that is just ‘marking time’ on their way to a bigger role in media; for everyone at SCG it is a passion first, a job second.

We are an eclectic bunch

SCG is based out of the UK but our team comes from across Europe; we speak English, French and Dutch fluently and some of us can get by in Spanish & German as well. We all initially come from different backgrounds, we started life in media, in project management, in IT, in engineering, as kart, sportscar and motorcycle racers, bankers and circuit marshals and we bring that unique combination of skills together to better deliver what we hope is a real fan-level perspective to our content.

We don’t chase deadlines

Actually, that’s not completely true – some things we have no choice on and have to make sure that we publish to certain timescales, but we do not (and cannot) chase every up-to-the-minute breaking news story – there are many others out there with far greater resources than SCG who provide an excellent established service here.

This means that we can be a little more picky on what we choose to include and/or exclude from the site but more importantly, it allows us to listen to you; the whole reason we are here is to meet your expectations – we want you to read and enjoy the material and one of the ways we achieve that is for us be reactive to what you want, so please never feel afraid to tweet or email us and ask for something specific, if we can make it happen, we will!

We are uniquely funded

SCG is funded by its parent organisation which is not directly involved in motorsports. This simple fact means that editorially we are not beholden to a corporate sponsor and backer with an agenda within the motorsport sector and this allows us to be a little freer in what we publish and not to have to worry about upsetting our masters and loosing our funding – that said, we never are, nor will be cavalier!

It also means that we may not always be as unbiassed as others; it’s no secret that our Editor is a huge fan of “all things British” and Aston Martin in particular (although he stresses that his ‘daily driver’ is a Citroen C4), others on the team are fanatical over Porsche and Ferrari and we all love the Ford GT, some of us even still enjoy Formula 1!  All this adds up to the fact that at our core we still remain fans first and sometimes our allegiances will fall into things we do, but we think that’s a GOOD thing, it keeps us all honest.

We strive to be a community

Because of our fan-based culture we never exclude anyone; we publicise in advance all of the events we will be attending and we always strive to meet other fans whenever possible – we believe we’ve given away more beer to our friends in the motorsport community than any other mag (although we only have the Ed’s word and his bar tab to verify that statement!). And talking of bar tabs and communities, we organise a trip every June to the Le Mans 24 Hours where our friends and colleagues are always welcome to, and often do, join us; we always have a private bar, catering and big-screen TVs to enjoy every minute of the race.

So thank you for visiting us, please do return and become part of our community and you can learn more about us, or contact us via the links on the top of every page.