Just a very rapid update on were we are pre-race.  From an amble up and down the garages it is clear its all a) about the weather and in particular tyre temperatures.  Both Michelin and Dunlop technicians are clear that ideally they need 5degrees of temp for the tyres to maintain their operating characteristics and we are struggling to achieve that currently.  In LMP2 it is not possible by regulation to alter the tyres, but for the LMP1 competitors a Michelin slick has appeared with fine razor-like surface cuts.  This has nothing to do with shifting water and everything to do with raising the surface temperature..  

We have had blue skies in the last half an hour but with a decent breeze from the north and billowing clouds all around the likelihood of rain is ever present. Of course the sunny patches lift the ambient and cloud or gathering darkness will drop it. 

On wet weather performance the supplies from Dunlop and Michelin deviate in their merits, and hence performance is even more governed by the prevailing local conditions, and of course for Spa that can be drying in one sector and knee-deep (Ed. for the millionth time stop exaggerating!) water in another…  The true challenge (as experienced in FP2) is not the performance of the wet weather tyres but the visibility and bravery (Ed. Or otherwise!) of the nut behind the wheel (that is a near quote but I’m not going to name the source). 

So, the stage is set we look good for a start at the very least. 75% race distance (or 4.5hours) will be the initial minimum goal for Race Control. Lets pray that everybody stays safe, and the great racing fan upstairs is looking forward to Spa-tacular Race!  Enjoy 🙂