Image credit: SportsCarGlobal / Red Firecracker.

Following Qualifying for the 6-Hours of Nurburgring, Nick from (SCG) had an opportunity to catch-up with Fernando Rees (FR) to better appreciate Aston Martin’s performance following the BoP change and chances for the race –

SCG – The Aston Martin Vantage V8 looks and sounds great, but what has happened to its Qualifying Performance?

FR – We have a big disadvantage in the BoP for this race, and we know on qualifying performance we can’t beat the Ferraris and Porsches so we have to think out of the box. So we held back our new tyre allocation for the race. That obviously affected our qualifying performance, especially mine as I got very used tyres with little peak performance. However tomorrow we have the benefit to be flat out all race.

SCG – Pushing that hard on a five kilometre circuit with plenty of traffic is going to be difficult.

FR – Yes it is going to be hard, but we are 22-points behind in the championship now, and we need to recover every point that we can, and for us right now it does not matter otherwise. In the end if it does not work, then at least we were focused on being here to win. At the moment we are the fastest car in the AMR team by some margin and hence we can gamble with something like this today.

SCG – With the beautiful colours on the car it always looks fast!

FR – Yes!

SCG – We wish you luck, and really enjoy your fan interaction. Thank You.

Footnote – In a brief sidebar conversation with Darren Turner, Stefan Mucke and Johnny Adam of the #97 Darren expressed surprise and bemusement at the sudden drop off in performance following reasonable running on a cooler, greener track earlier in the day.  This should come as a warning to the technical crew on the #97, but the boys are looking for answers!!  We can expect an improvement in fortunes for the #97 tomorrow.