Image: Ginetta

Ginetta officially unveiled their G60-LT-P1 to the world on January 11th at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK. The highly anticipated car – which is named in tribute to the 60th anniversary of the Ginetta marque – marks British sportscar manufacturer Ginetta’s first entry into the top tier of endurance racing.

The G60-LT-P1, which will compete in the LMP1 category of the 2018/19 FIA WEC ‘Super Season’, was wearing the colours of the re-named TRS Manor Racing team and unveiled by Ginetta Chairman, Lawrence Tomlinson, Ginetta Technical Director, Ewan Baldry, Manor Endurance Racing Sporting Director, Graeme Lowdon, Chairman of TRS, Zhang Yi and Vice President of TRS, Li Qiao. 

The car has been brought to life by Ginetta’s in-house design and development team, coupled with a group of world class consultants and technical partners – the team at Ginetta following an agile path that many new hi-tech businesses are beginning to embrace allowing them to bring in industry-leading technical specialists exactly when needed in the design process rather than building a top-heavy internal department. 

Adrian Reynard (via ARC in Indianapolis) worked on the Computational Fluid Dynamics (or how the air moves around and reacts with the vehicle’s surfaces to us mere mortals!), Paolo Catone (designer of the Peugeot 905, 908 HDi and SMP Racing’s BR01) on quality assurance and contractor liaison with wind tunnel testing and analysis undertaken at Williams Advanced Engineering. 

The car features a full carbon-fibre coupe monocoque with integrated Zylon inserts and carbon fibre bodywork designed by Ginetta and produced by ARS tech in Italy; a carbon braking system produced by AP Racing, suspension system and dampers produced by Ohlins to Ginetta’s design, a seven speed racing gearbox by XTrac featuring custom casing defined by Ginetta, fly by wire gearshift with e-clutch and paddle shift by MEGA-Line and electronics systems by Bosch.

Ginetta’s development car will run a 3.4 litre turbocharged Mecachrome designed and built engine which will be available for customer teams to lease or the chassis will accept any of the other current LMP1 engine options (Gibson, AER etc.) 

We took a close up look shortly after the unveiling to bring you the closest detail pictures yet of the G60-LT-P1 (please note, these photos have been edited specifically to highlight the carbon fibre structure and shot at a very high ISO to capture the detailing under the show’s lighting to avoid the use of flash, they are not aimed to be ‘unveiling presentation images’ which can be found here).

Ginetta LMP1 Launch, Autosport International Show 2018. NEC Birmingham, UK.
Exhaust details
Exhaust details
Rear diffuser and bodywork showing curved surfaces to smooth airflow.
Carbon detailing to manage airflow around bodywork to tyre junction.
RHS exhaust exit – B&W shot allows for greater detail.
Rear bodywork, diffuser, wheel well and wing upright.
Exit path of the airflow from the front of the vehicle behind the number plate and leader light assembly.
Sidepod carbon detailing and air management.
Sidepod detailing and air management.
Front wheel well internals.
Bottom rear sidepod detailing and airflow exit.
Front dive-planes and splitter.
Front dive-planes and splitter.
Front wheel low-pressure cut-outs.
RHS sidepod and cockpit detailing.
Front splitter, dive-planes and airflow path.
Airflow exit from front behind number plate and leader light assembly (LHS).
LHS cockpit door and sidepod detailing.
LHS cockpit door and sidepod detailing. Note the cutout on the bodywork to allow both easy opening of the door and generate a low pressure point airding cockpit cooling by ‘pulling’ the internal air towards this exit point (this same detailing is also used on Ginetta’s new G58 GT4 track-day prototype).
RHS rear wing upright (featuring the car’s LED brake lights), endplates and adjustable wing surfaces.
RHS airflow exit.
LHS wing endplate and integrated LED brake lights.
LHS rear wheel housing.
LHS rear wheel housing.

LHS wing end plate.

LHS rear airflow exit.
LHS rear wing endplate – note Ginetta manufactured mounting gear both serial numbered 001 – the very first off the line!