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The cut and thrust of this race is well under-way, and strategies are being run through and played out. Here is a brief by category summary –


Led by #18 Porsche 919 with Marc Lieb driving like a demon, pulling out a substantial gap on the sister car. However a technical infringement brought the car in for a brief stop-n-go penalty which placed both cars on the same piece of track. After a minor knock #18 continued to again pull away from Mark Webber in the #17. No harm done.  The #17 had been delayed by a cooling problem.

The Technical Infringement was exceeding the Fuel Use permissable, and Wolfgang Hitz stated this was due to a faulty sensor.. This could come back to haunt the #18 in time.

Audi R18s both clung on to the Porsches but faded a little as time went by. Fast pit stop with a no tyre-change saved 11 secs and put Marcel Fassler #7 up briefly past the #17 but the places were soon swapped around again.

Both Toyota’s went long on pit stop strategy, but unfortunately are off the pass and were lapped by the leader at about 1h 20m.

The Rebellion R-Ones have had a torrid race the #13 did not take the flag, but subsequently joined the fray.  the white #12 ran seemingly well for the first hour or so, but then pulled off at pit exit with Nick Heidfeld jumping out, then the barrier and expect on his way home. The #13 is in its box.  Also the ByKolles CLM continues to circulate…


Cracking double stint from the category pole-sitter #47 KCMG in the hands of Nick Tandy who goes on to double stint before handing over to Matt Howson.  The chasing G-Drive #26  is in hot pursuit  followed by its sister car #28.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 04.23.28


As predicted the Porsche #91 leads in GTE-Pro followed by the #95 Aston Martin and the #71 Ferrari of Calado and Rigon.  The #51 ran into an electrical problem which delayed it whilst in the lead of the category. However, it is understood from the team that a Ctrl-Alt-Del reset has cured the problem and it has dropped it down adrift by 9-laps.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 16.21.34


On the hour was pleasing all the ladies, with the #77 Dempsey-Proton RSR in the lead, pedaled by the ever quick Pat Long. The car fell back once ‘lovely’ Patrick Dempsey took charge, overtaken by our category winners from the last series 6-hour race at Spa the #98 Aston Martin of Lamy-Dalla Lana-Lauda!

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We will continue to keep an eye on things for you 🙂