The London ePrix will return to Battersea Park, it was confirmed on Tuesday evening.

A meeting was held on Tuesday evening by Wandsworth Council’s Community Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee to decide whether or not to invoke a clause in it’s contract with Formula E.

The committee, chaired by Conservative councilor Kim Caddy, voted seven to four in favour for the event to continued to be held in Battersea Park.

The next time the council has the possibility to break the clause will not be until after the 2017 event.

On approving the event the council stated that improvement was needed to be put into practice for the 2016 event.

One of the improvements needed was, the delivery of Formula E infrastructure materials is also set to be reviewed and streamlined to ensure a reduced impact on the park during the build process.

The other major problem was the noise that was caused by the helicopter that was used to deliver aerial shots – that will be addressed for season two.

Plus Formula E was criticised for the removal of all fencing and tyre marks still not being completed.

Despite Battersea being confirmed as the the 11th and last round of the championship and Mexico City being announced as the fifth round last week there is still some doubt surrounding the German round.

The eighth round is reportedly in doubt due the refugee crisis that is engulfing Europe at this present time.

Charlie Price