Boris Johnson tested a Formula E car round the streets of Battersea ahead of this weekends Formula E race’s. 

The Mayor of London completed two laps of the 2.925 KM track in the Spark-Renault SRT_01E while following series boss Alejandro Agag who drove the safety car.

Once Johnson completed his demo he told the assembled media that he was impressed by the electric car, “It certainly is fast but I’ve gone faster!” said Johnson

The famed politician also praised series organiser for the event they’d put on inside Battersea Park, “It’s a wonderful venue for London and I congratulate Alejandro [Agag] and everyone at Formula E on what they’ve done.”

“Wandsworth [borough council] have played a blinder getting it here in Battersea Park and let’s make sure we have it every year!”

The 51 year old who is famed for traveling around London on his bicycle believes that Formula E is the perfect fit for London. “What it showcases is a drive to get low carbon vehicles on the streets and the aim of having an ultra-low emission zone in the heart of the city by 2020,” said Johnson

“It’s not saying much, but we have more electric charging points in London now than we have petrol stations but we’re getting there.”

Despite all the praise, Johnson still had time for the odd joke, “It was so quiet in the car I could hear a squirrel!”

Charlie Price –