Season two of the FIA Formula E Championship will see the introduction of a Full Corse Yellow (FCY) system, the series announced on Wednesday.

Throughout the season the race director will have the power to declare a FCY meaning all driver are limited to 50kph.

During a FCY drivers must maintain the gap between themselves and the car in front before the caution was deployed, with overtaking strictly prohibited.

Formula E is the third major series sanctioned by the FIA to introduce FCY, it follows the WEC first trialling the system at the start of 2014 before F1 introduced it after the tragic accident of Jules Bianchi last year.

Similar to F1 and the WEC the race director will be able to bring out a safety car following on from the FCY if the problem requires further intervention.

When the FCY system is in use drivers will still be able pit but the speed limit in the pit lane will also be reduced 50 kp/h.

Formula E also announced a raft of new penalty’s for the the 2015-16 season. The race stewards now have four option’s at their disposal depending on the severity of the incident, these are:

A)     A five-second time penalty. The driver can either stop for five seconds in pitlane before their pitstop commences or if the infringement happens after their stop, the time penalty is added to their race time.

B)     A 10-second time penalty. This is added in the same way as the five-second one.

C)     A drive-through penalty. The driver must enter and exit the pitlane without stopping.

D)    A 10-second stop and go penalty. The driver must stop at their pit box for at least 10 seconds before rejoining the race.

The first time the new systems will be in use is at the opening race of the season in Bejing on October 24.