Formula E has given the go-ahead for teams to use more battery power in races, an increase from 150KW to 170KW.

Teams were given the chance to test the new concept during the final pre-season test at Donington Park last month, and following the success of the test it was given the green light on Friday.

This is an increase on the 133KW target for the inaugural championship which was raised to 150KW when the performance potential of the Williams Advance Engineering batteries were realised last summer.

Williams Advanced Engineering managing director, Craig Wilson, believes “Formula E is all about pushing electric vehicle technology to its limits and showcasing its evolution to the public.

“Williams Advanced Engineering is working on a diverse portfolio of electric and hybrid vehicle projects and the learnings from Formula E are invaluable in developing our technology.

“During season two the batteries will now be operating at 30 per cent more power than they were initially designed for and we have upgraded certain components and worked closely with the teams to make sure that this is sustainable without significantly affecting reliability.”

The maximum power output will stay at 200KW during practice and qualifying while the amount of energy that can be delivered to the powertrain by the RESS will remain at 28KW.