Image credit: FIA Formula E.

Formula E will introduce a new look FanBoost for season two, which includes the addition of in-race voting.

On Friday Formula E Holdings announced the new innovation for the, already unique fan element. During season two, fans will be able to cast their votes for their favourite driver for the first six minutes of the race.

The change in voting means that drivers will only be able to use the boost in the second of their two cars.

The boost available to drivers will enhance the car by an extra 100kj of energy to be used in a power window between 180KW and 200KW. This means teams will be able to use full boost for a short burst or slightly lower boost for a prolonged period.

The system will be managed by a specialist media company called Telescope TV, headquartered in Los Angeles, California meaning fans will now be able to vote using hashtags on social media sites – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Ali Russell, Director of Media and Strategic Partnerships at Formula E Holdings Ltd. believes it will bring fans and drivers closer alike.

“FanBoost is a uniquely fan engaging element of our series and by being able to vote during the race the level of engagement will increase significantly, creating a real-time relationship between drivers, teams and fans,” said Russell.

CEO of Telescope, Jason George added: “Today’s hyper-connected fans are constantly looking for ways to get ever-closer to their favourite sports. We are proud to partner with Formula E to do just that – granting fans the capability to have a meaningful and exciting impact during a live race.”

The new FanBoost system will be used for the first time in Beijing, on October 24, with voting opening on October 12.