Spa Classic 2017. Photo: Kristof Vermeulen.

In a weekend filled with the glorious sounds of historic racing cars echoing around the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit, this year’s Classic at Spa surpassed previous records with in excess of 20,000 spectators attending, despite some very ‘typical Spa weather’, eclipsing the previous record set in 2015. 

On Friday, the historic Belgian track lived up to its weather reputation as it was raining when the entrants arrived. Despite the weather, those who braved the wet were privileged to see some fabulous cars and rooster-tails from the rain-soaked track.

Jaguar XJR14, Spa Classic 2017. Photo: Kristof Vermeulen.
Spa Classic 2017. Photo: Kristof Vermeulen.
Spa Classic 2017. Photo: Kristof Vermeulen.
Spa Classic 2017. Photo: Kristof Vermeulen.

By Saturday the clouds had vanished and the spectators were able to enjoy the the weekend to the full.

Friday picture gallery


Eight grids totalling just over 300 cars ensured the on-track spectacle. Among the most eagerly awaited were the saloons and coupes that commemorated the halcyon days on the Spa 24 Hours, and reminded everybody that in the not-too-distant past the Belgian endurance race was exclusively reserved for large-scale production cars.

Olivier Mont (FRA) / Vincent Gleyze (FRA) No. 28 BMW 3.0 CSL 1972. Spa Classic 2017. Photo: Kristof Vermeulen.

Like their predecessors, the drivers of BMW 3.0 CSLs, Volvo 240Ts and Ford Escorts did battle both in the daytime and at night as one of the heats took place late on Saturday evening creating an ambience that was sheer magic!

Spa Classic 2017. Photo: Kristof Vermeulen.

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And of course endurance fans got their full dose of thrills with the Sixties’ Endurance, the Trofeo Nastro Rosso, CER 1 and 2 and Group C Racing. Five Peter Auto grids assembled a large number of prototypes and GTs that had raced in the Spa 1000 km in the past: Ford GT 40s, Jaguar Type Es, Shelby Cobras, Ferrari 250 LMs, Porsche 962s, etc.

Sixties Endurance Spa Classic 2017. Photo: Kristof Vermeulen.

There was also a scattering of more recent models like an Audi R8 from the 2001 Le Mans 24 Hours and a Maserati MC12 that raced in the 2005 Spa 24 Hours, which added spice to spectacular parades.

Single-seaters made their comeback this year with the new Euro F2 Classic grid which attracted 19 cars that were responsible for the glory days of the European Championship between 1967 and 1978, as well as a field of 50 Formula Vees!

Formula 2. Spa Classic 2017. Photo: Kristof Vermeulen.


While both practice and racing never let up, spectators could leave the trackside for a few minutes – or even a few hours – to admire the 1400 collector cars on display.

On Sunday, the 180 crews in the Youngtimer Rally joined up with this beautiful selection illustrating the history of the motor car, and brought their journey to an end with a parade on the roller-coaster in the Ardennes.

In the village spectators thrilled with excitement to the Wall of Death (a motorbike show), and then tried their hand at the driving simulators. Other forms of entertainment like Racing Bug, the Michel Vaillant Gallery and exhibitors (scale models, ready-to-wear, books, watches, etc.) also delighted the large crowd.

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On Sunday the Spa-Classic hosted an auction by Bonhams for the fourth time in its history. “Holding a sale at such an adrenaline-fuelled location is always a privilege, and we were delighted to bring such a varied selection of motor cars to Spa once again.” commented Bonhams Head of Motoring Europe, Philip Kantor. 

The star of the show being the perennially popular 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster, which achieved an astonishing €1,127,000 against a pre-sale estimate of €600,000-800,000!