…. but not that you would really notice!

The ACO have installed SAFER (which stands for Steel And Foam Energy Reduction) barriers, most commonly used in US oval racing, on the outside of the first part of the Porsche Curves. Additionally, the run-off and gravel trap have also been extended at the final right-hander leaving the Porsche Curves.

In an interview with the UK’s Autosport Magazine, ACO Sporting Manager Vincent Beaumesnil said that he believes it is the first time that the SAFER system has been installed on a road course in Europe.

He explained that by installing the SAFER barriers it allowed the character of the Porsche Curves to be retained at the same time as improving safety.

“It would have been easy to add a chicane, but the track would have lost its character,” Beaumesnil said.  “After discussions with our federation in France [the FFSA], we were able to make the circuit safer and keep the original layout.”

The latest improvements follow a previous round of upgrades in the Porsche Curves sequence for 2014 when TechPro barriers were added at the first right-hander and the gravel trap increased in size at Corvette Corner (formerly Karting).