For reasons known only to themselves, but most likely a significant lack of sales of the expensive tickets, the ACO have announced that Jamiroquai will now be playing on the regular FREE stage in the grounds of the 24 Hours circuit on Friday 15 June.

This welcome change means that there are now four concerts in the General Enclosure of the circuit included in the standard 24 Hours of Le Mans ticket price.

For those who were wealthy enough to have purchased a ticket for the concert originally scheduled at MMArena, it is possible to request a refund (or instead, the ACO offer the option to ‘enjoy access to the circuit for the Jamiroquai concert’ which seems a little strange to us as one would essentially be paying the same as a multi-day GE ticket for a single day so we assume that it’s bad translation and the concert ticket allows for multi-day access, but check first!). However, if you purchased a General Enclosure + Jamiroquai concert ticket, you can ask for a refund for the General Enclosure ticket.

Click here to request a refund.