24 hours after celebrating the incredible podium finish of the Vaillante REBELLION racing team at the 85th edition of the 24 hours of Le Mans, the college of commissioners of the World Endurance Championship and the “Automobile Club de l’Ouest” (ACO) have decided to disqualify the LMP2#13 from the race.

After 24 hours of fierce competition, the Piquet Junior / Beche / Heinemeier Hansson team have managed to accomplish the amazing feat of taking the third step of the podium in the general competition with their Oreca 07.

The team took the necessary time to investigate all the relevant aspects of the situation before publicly announcing their decision.

This major event has been marked by inappropriate intervention, breaking the management chain, causing an incident that could not be prevented. This mistake was made during the last hours of the competition, which highlights that regardless of fatigue, an endurance race must be perfectly managed at all levels.

The Vaillante REBELLION team, true to its convictions, takes responsibility for what happened and accepts its consequences. Sports institutions must be respected. The team’s values, shared by REBELLION and Michel Vaillant are courage and bravery and this error of judgement must not spoil these leitmotivs that are so important for the entire team.

The Swiss team is keen on acknowledging the outstanding work of the whole team, the excellent performance of both cars and the exemplary cohesion between the drivers and the technical staff. This is an outstanding result celebrated by a podium with the fans of Vaillante REBELLION, which will always remain a historic race involving a lot of emotion.

Alexandre Pesci – President of REBELLION RACING:

” I would like to personally thank all of our fans for their unconditional support and express my deepest gratitude to our partners for their trust and for making this “Vaillante REBELLION” adventure so special. The team will have the opportunity to prove themselves as a great professional team at the next meeting of the WEC at Nürburgring already and I look forward to seeing you support, alongside with me, the Vaillante REBELLION team. “

It is in the context of this scenario worthy of Michel Vaillant’s best albums that the team confirms their willingness to come back next year for the 86th 24 hours of Le Mans with the firm commitment to leave their REBELLION mark on the history of Swiss motorsport.