Ever wondered what a team does and brings back from a Test Day?

In the third of our series with Strakka Racing we catch-up with Dan Walmsley, Team Principal on the progress they made at the 2016 Le Mans 24hours Test Day. We also touch upon the enormity of Le Mans as an event, challenge and set-up of the car for a 24-hour race.  This will be the first time that Strakka race the Gibson 015s at Le Mans so much has been learnt since Nurburgring 2015.

Great view on the likely race strategies in LMP2 and a tyre usage war is clearly set to break-out! Also as ever at Le Mans and seemingly this year in particular the impact of weather and the options available.

Finally we cover some of the support that Sponsors/Partners bring to the team.

Sit back and absorb a fabulous insight into some of the Strakka Team’s preparations for the Great Race.