2019 FIA WEC 24h Le Mans 2019, Le Mans, France. Photo © John D Stevens.

For cash-preservation issues, the ACO have announced that this year’s event, of which which the actual race has been rescheduled for the 19-20 September 2020, has now been compressed into a much smaller window; the practice sessions and qualifying, the new Hyperpole procedure, the warm-up and the race, packing everything into a four-day timeframe.

The updated calendar means that multiple events such as scrutineering will now run at the same time with on-track action starting from 8h30 in the morning and running virtually non-stop through to midnight on the Thursday and Friday. 

Saturday see’s the track action start at 9h15 with the Porsche Carrera Cup race and the blue ribbon 24h race will officially start at 14h30, 30 minutes earlier than in previous years.