Image credit: Onroak Automotive / DPPI

After announcing sales into French teams Graff and Extreme Limite and Italian squad Eurointernational, Onroak Automotive have today announced the first sale into the UK with British owner Steve Donovan confirming his purchase of a Ligier JS P3.

Donovan, through his company Counter Solutions, has purchased an LM P3 Onroak Automotive chassis which will be run by  YIL Engineering in 2016.

While the programme is still awaiting final confirmation the car is slated to race in various British endurance series and the V de V Endurance Series. Donovan will share the wheel with Richard Bernans who has competed in the VdeV series on numerous occasions.

“Counter Solutions ordered a Ligier JS P3 car because of the outstanding quality of the whole car and the benefits the JS P3 car has gained from the knowledge gathered within Ligier / Onroak Automotive on the LMP2 project.” said Donovan. “For me, this made it the only real LMP3 car to consider”.

A decision has yet to be made whether to enter the car into the 2016 European Le Mans Series, but the option remains on the table and is being seriously considered.