Image credit: Onroak Automotive

Onroak Automotive has announced today that will build a new chassis, the Ligier JS P3, a car aimed at the new LM P3 category. 

Onroak Automotive waited for the final set of regulations to be announced before signing off the design of the Ligier JS P3, the aim being to present the most complete car complying with the LM P3 regulations. The constructor wants to take the time required to fine-tune this new LM P3 sports prototype before its homologation, which will then be frozen for three years.

The Ligier JS P3 will take full advantage of its close links with the Ligier JS P2, in particular in terms of its design and its aerodynamics directly inspired by the latter, a choice dictated by efficiency.

“This Ligier JS P3 confirms our ambitions to design and sell a complete range of sports prototypes for endurance.” said Jacques Nicolet, President of Onroak Automotive. “We were already present with success on the market for the CN and LM P2 categories.

“Backed by our know-how, our experience, and the time we’ve given ourselves for its design and development we’re convinced that this new car will be a success. We’d like to build up a real endurance ladder and accompany our clients from one category to the next”

The chassis will be presented to the public at this year’s Le Mans 24 Hour week and be available for teams from September.