Social-Media-Important-2014Yes, you read it right. Here at Diesel::Driver we are always on the search for people to join our community. If you have ever wanted an entry into the media and motorsports this may be for you, read on ….. 

From humble beginnings in 2003 as an online forum built by a few friends scattered across three continents Diesel::Driver quickly became the world’s most active Internet community dedicated specifically to the diesel market. In 2006 the next step in its development was taken and we launched “Diesel::Driver Magazine”, a feature rich online magazine designed specifically for the diesel driving and using public.

Over time, the magazine has expanded to include much more than just diesel based motoring but to embrace hybrid and green technologies and especially as these have now moved into mainstream motorsport. We remain a virtual team based in multiple countries and true to our core values and provide our content free to our community.


The team here at Diesel::Driver are now looking for aspiring people to join us as intern contributors covering sporting and media events in the Americas and Asia relevant to our core values; diesel, hybrid & green motoring. Unlike print media, we have no formal entry requirements but you must meet some basic criteria, understand and be well versed in social and digital media, & own a DSLR camera and know how to use the business end of it. In return, we at Diesel::Driver can hopefully help you to gain some valuable experience that will help in your search for the career of your dreams.

If you’ve read this far and are still interested, please join us on our Facebook group and twitter, introduce yourself, start to become part of our community and drop us a line to the email address below telling us something about yourself; why you feel you would be suitable, what you can bring to our community and include a short, separate bio with some examples of anything relevant you may have undertaken previously. If we think you sound interesting (here’s a hint: make your email interesting!), we’ll drop you a mail back explaining what we are looking for from you and what we can offer in return.