Hello everyone and let’s start by thanking you all for the patience (and emails) whilst we were away – it truly means a lot to the team here. 

Let’s not beat about the bush here, the global COVID-19 pandemic dealt us, along with many others, a really bad hand. Due to our operating model always having been to avoid advertising wherever possible and rely upon partnerships and sponsorship to provide our service, by the latter parts of 2020 SportscarGlobal was in a financially insecure position and our survival was looking bleak at best. 

Some of our contributors had to move on, some new are about to join the team and while the fallow times in racing meant there was not much to cover anyhow, by the end of 2020 our coverage had to virtually stop completely. In the dying embers of 2020, our new publisher Marc stepped into the fire to provide a stable financial backing for the next 12 months and, pandemic dependant, well into the future. Thanks to Marc, Sportscarglobal is back and raring to go for the 2021 season and hopefully long after that too!  

We thank you all for holding out for us, the figures show that despite our ‘off air blip’ many of you continued to check in and visit so we promise to reward that loyalty with an even better mix of unique photography, interviews, insights and editorials that don’t pull their punches along with ‘almost, but not quite’ live timing across our social media platforms. 

We’re back and plan to be better than ever!