Jamie Whincup has singed a new three year deal meaning he will stay with Triple Eight Racing (Red Bull Racing Australia) until at least the end of 2018.

The 31-year old who will go into his 10th year with Triple Eight Racing this year, announced the news at the launched of the 2015 Red Bull Holden Commodore liveries for both Whincup and his team mate Craig Lowndes.

Whincup was pleased to continue the winning partnership which will take him into the new rules set in 2017.

“The decision firstly came from the strength of the V8 Supercars category,” he said.

“I think there are some exciting times ahead, especially coming into the phase with the new television deal and later the new generation cars. I can see a really strong future for the series.

“Secondly, I’m honoured that Triple Eight, the best team, wants to retain my services, which I try very hard to maintain, to showcase their engineering.

“A one year contract seemed like a bit of a waste of time with the changes coming in 2017, so the decision was to renew for three years so that I’ll have at least two years with Triple Eight in the new generation cars.”

While team owner Roland Dane is pleased to continue a partnership which has seen the duo win six titles in seven years.

“We’re extremely happy that Jamie is staying with Triple Eight for the foreseeable future.” said Dane

“Though he has nothing to prove with us, he continues to push the boundaries with the utmost professionalism, which is exactly the mentality and approach of Triple Eight.

“Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to sitting down with Craig very soon to discuss 2016 and beyond with him.”

The excitement of the announcement was brought down a notch or two when Whincup was bitten by a snake during a promotional event Sydney’s Taronga Zoo later in the day.


“It was pretty painful,” admitted Whincup. “We pushed the friendship a little bit. We decided to have the snake round the championship trophy and we moved around a few times and it wanted to get out of there.”

“I somewhat knew it could happen to be honest. It was getting a bit rowdy and then it had a go. I thought it would have released a little bit earlier when it realised I wasn’t a rat but it stayed on until we poured some water over it to get it off.”

After a couple of minutes the snake was removed and Whincup was left with a slight superficial wound from the teeth marks.

Charlie Price – charlie@sportscarglobal.com